Weather in El Nido / Palawan, best time to come

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Last updated on March 04, 2023

The Philippines have a tropical marine climate with a winter monsoon and a summer monsoon. Unlike the rest of the archipelago, El Nido does not experience typhoons, but is marked by two very distinct seasons: the dry season from December to May, and the rainy season from June to November. Learn with us the most important elements of the city’s weather and climate to choose your travel period!


With a minimum temperature of 22°C on average, a maximum temperature of 33°C on average, and mostly sunny weather, El Nido enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout the year. The lowest temperatures fall in January, while the hottest months are April and May. Let’s go through the weather month by month so you can choose the best time to travel to El Nido.

JanuaryIn January, the average temperature in El Nido is around 28°C, and rainfall is 27 mm.
FebruaryThe weather in February is very comparable compared to that of January, with similar temperatures, but generally drier weather.
MarchIn March, the daily temperature in El Nido is quite hot, reaching up to 32°C, while the nights are mild, with temperatures around 25°C. Average rainfall is around 16 mm, making March the driest month.
AprilIn April, the temperatures are between 25°C and 33°C and the humidity is quite high.
MayThe climate of El Nido begins to change in May. It rains on average 6 days this month and the temperature reaches 28.9°C.
JuneJune is very humid in El Nido, with an average of 235 mm of rain over ten days. Temperatures are still pleasant, though.
JulyJuly is the rainiest month of the year in El Nido. It rains on average every other day and temperatures drop slightly, the average being 27.2°C.
AugustThe weather in August is very similar to that of July. Rains are intense and temperatures are slightly lower than at other times of the year. The wind is also very hot.
SeptemberAnnouncing the end of the southwest monsoon season, September is very rainy and the average temperatures are around 27°C.
OctoberThe climate of El Nido starts to become more pleasant in the month of October. It only rains over 8 days on average, and the temperatures stay between 24°C and 31°C.
NovemberIn November, temperatures reach around 28°C, with rainfall of 84 mm on average.
DecemberThe weather in December is very similar to that of November. However, the rains are less abundant, announcing the beginning of the dry season.


To sum it up, to enjoy a pleasant climate and avoid the rainy and cyclonic season, it is better to travel to El Nido between November and May. To be more precise, the driest (and hottest) months are March, April, and May, with temperatures reaching up to 41°C during the hottest days. If you are not afraid of the hot weather, these are the months we recommend for a trip to El Nido.

The average temperature of the water varies between 24°C and 26°C between December and March, and between 26°C and 29°C from April to November. Divers will enjoy underwater visibility between 10 and 30 meters from March to May, making this season the ideal time to practice this kind of aquatic activity.

Please note that all this information is based on weather forecasts and that it is not an exact science. The actual conditions might be slightly different.

cloud and sun


The northeast monsoon, locally known as “amihan”, affects the island of Palawan from November to February, bringing cooler and drier weather. From June to October, the southwest monsoon, called “habagat”, causes heavy rain and strong wind on the island. Unlike the rest of the Philippines, Palawan does not experience typhoons.


In El Nido, there are also two seasons. The dry season goes from December to May, and the rainy season goes from June to November. The months of April and May are the driest months of the year, whereas August is usually marked by heavy rainfall.


With an average minimum temperature of 22°C and an average maximum temperature of 33°C, it is more or less always warm in El Nido. January is the coldest month; April and May are the hottest ones.


Apart from its incredible biodiversity, another advantage of diving in Bacuit Bay is that there is not much current. It obviously varies according to tides, but it means that divers can generally reach their boat without too many problems. In addition, the temperature of the water is very pleasant throughout the year. From December to March, the average temperature of the water varies between 24°C and 26°C, and from April to November the average temperature goes from 26°C to 29°C. Finally, the underwater visibility is also very good for scuba diving, as it goes from 10 to 30 meters between March and May.


No typhoons, a rainy season with not much rain, a pleasant water temperature, lots of sun… The climate of El Nido is really ideal for a nice and relaxing holiday.